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Re: [TCML] Where to mount the HV Transformer? Under the coil or otherwise?

It's best to mount the nst in a separate box 2-3 ft away from the coil.
This prevents RF fields from interacting with the steel case of the nst.

I use a wood box to enclose the hv transformer.  Send me an email off list
and I can email you some photos of the enclosure with the Terry filter

You just use silicone GTO hv wire --- available at any neon shop --- to run
the hv to the coil.

Don't use coax as it may resonant with the hv transformer in some fashion
and produce very high potentials --- death to an nst.

Dr. Resonance

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 12:08 PM, Jeremy Scott <supertux1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> One of the decisions I'm about to make for my new coil is where to put the
> HV transformer in relation to the other components. I've seen two designs:
> 1) HV transformer under the coil.
> The HV transformer is under the coil. Long, heavy gauge 120V wire, short
> section of high voltage wires from the HV terminals to the tank.
> 2) HV transformer not under the coil.
> The HV transformer is on a pad or enclosure that is located closer to the
> control panel. Shorter section heavy gauge 120V wire, longer section of high
> voltage wire.
> I was considering doing option 2 because it uses fewer feet of the thick
> 120V power cable ($) and allows more space under the coil for the RSG and
> caps. What sort of cable do you use for the HV secondary, considering that
> it will most likely be very long and lay on the ground? (Perhaps in a long
> length of PVC pipe.)
> I read somewhere that two lengths of plain TV or network coax cable works,
> where the center conductor carries the high voltage and the braid is
> connected to the RF ground at the coil. Does this work, and if so, at what
> power levels?
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