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Re: [TCML] Where to mount the HV Transformer? Under thecoilorotherwise ?


Yes, this is usually the case and thanks for adding this
footnote. However, I have come across some x-ray
cable where this tape between the silicone insulation
and the braiding did NOT seem to be a semi-conduc-
tor but rather a full insulator. Of course if it IS a semi-
conductor, if you lay it across any high voltage, it will
let you know really quickly by immediately flashing
over and catching fire!

David Rieben

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   There's also a semiconducting tape layer over the  inside silicone
insulation but under the outside grounded braid. Folks, don't forget to strip this
back as well.

-Phil LaBudde
Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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High voltage x-ray

cable consist of ususally 3 seperate inner conductors that  are

made to carry the low filament voltage to the tube but are  also

desinged to ride at many kVs in relation to ground for the  high

voltage. There is a thick insulation barrier (~3/8" thick)  wrapped

around these three inner conductors and then the grounded  braided

sheath is wrapped around the outside of this thick insulation  barrier.

Finally, there is a thin vinyl sleave around the outside of  the

grounded braided sheath and the total thickness of the cable  is

usually around 7/8" thick.

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