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Re: [TCML] Trouble with eBay wire

It's?easy to add some more wire to the winding by splicing
the wire.? I've sliced 28awg wire, and 24awg wire is much easier
to splice.? Just file a flat long wedge at teh end of the wire, and
another long flat wedge on the end of the new piece of wire. 
The wedge should be maybe 1/4" long.
Do not remove any insulation.? Then apply solder to both wedges
where they were filed.? Then place the ends together and align
them and let the solder harden.? The joint is hard to see.? This
all assumes you can obtain an extra piece of wire to attach.
My TT-42 coil has such a splice.? Place the spliced end toward
the bottom of the secondary.? 

????????? http://futuret.110mb.com


--- On Mon, 6/30/08, Nicholas J. Goble <ngoble@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>  My purchase 
> was supposed to be 1000' of 24 AWG copper magnet wire. 
> I got my 
> shipment within the allotted time.  I began to wrap my
> secondary coil.  
> I was going for 20" tall, 4" diameter.  After
> hand winding all the 
> wire, I measure the wind and find it to be only 17.5"
> long.  After some 
> crude calculations, I found the total length of the wire to
> be about 
> 910'.      
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