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Re: [TCML] VTTC-tuning. John got me started ;-)


I don't know of any proof.  It's possible that the secondary Q
may be important also.  The low frequency coils might often have
thin wire and a poor secondary Q.  This may make the sparks fuzzy,
I don't know.

I know for sure that other factors also make a big difference for
sword-like vs. bushy spark.  Factors such as; tuning, grid feedback,
coupling, maybe tank Q, etc.  But some coils seem to produce
the sword-sparks much more easily than others.


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Hello Roger, all.

> It seems
> that most people prefer the sword like sparks these days and as I
> understand
> it, that requires the coil to resonate above 300 KHz.
I read that, too, on Steves Website, but he himself states that he only
believes there could be a connection, there is no proof, hovever.
Or are there any hard facts concerning this point?


Christoph Bohr

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