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RE: [TCML] VTTC, calling Dr. Spark


A while back I sent a link to Dr. Spark's accomplishments with his Quad
coil to the list, as we were getting ready for the Teslathon. But, for
reasons unknown to me, it never got published. I just assumed that
nobody was interested in looking at really good quality coils. Seems to
me that one would like to follow the examples of a pro when they plan
their project. For example, I've always given my projects "the best
shot" as to be an example for others. After all..."If you dare dream it,
build it!"... Is my motto. Our young ones need someone to look up to; so
let's show them some real class!

BTW, in my opinion, you missed out on the baddest Teslathon ever!...Live
music jam featuring the Audiotesla-Live! Band with Bert on "Teslasax"
(as Jeff Parisse would describe)...un-real to say the least!

Photos of the WWT 2009 are in the works; please be patient for now.


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Since we are on the VTTC thread.


I would love to see some pictures of Quadzilla and how it was HV and
Filament powered (ratings would be nice). I wanted to make it to Arizona
this year but was conserving my $$. I think Hankenstein  posted some


Thanks Much,

Jim Mora


I have most of the stuff including all the original Johnson hardware to
build a quad when I can't move the big iron around anymore and really
;-^) There is no way it will approach your beautiful artistic mastery

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