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Re: [TCML] Finalising design for homebuilt transformer.

Hi Phil,

Wow, very nice! I think you've already thought of the misc. points of trouble and have combated those issues with what is practical for the core your using. Under oil, I think your going to be ok with the design and I expect it's going to give you near the results your expecting. This must have been a great learning experience for you regarding transformer theory. Please let us know how it works out in practice. I've kept your transformer build up to date (in my head) so that I know where you are with the whole thing as well as the past postings on this transformer. This makes a Tesla coil look like a cake walk (literally). That's probably because I am so accustomed to TC's and less accustomed to high voltage/high current transformers from a build standpoint.

All my best hopes of success,

Phil Tuck wrote:

I am finalising my design for my homebuilt transformer and after a lot of
experimenting (volts per turn & current draw with different setups) I have
decided on this
http://homepage.ntlworld.com/follies/tesla/radartransformer.html      (It
starts about half way down the page.)

Just wondered if anyone can see any points that could be troublesome or
anything that  I've not considered.



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