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Re: [TCML] Load Sensing Transformer

Hi All,

A "Load Sensing" neon transformer is something fairly  new, and is designed
to output a constant current over a wider range of  voltages. It was meant
to replace a number of different sized transformers  in order to reduce the
inventory in the shop or on the truck. Think of it as a  "one size fits all"
transformer, replacing transformers from 2 to 12 kV. The  down side to that
is if you only need a 2 kv NST, you pay for a 12kV NST. They  are actually
electronic power supplies and probably unsuitable for coiling, but  go ahead
and try it.

Tony Greer
Special Effects Neon
Lubbock, Texas

In a message dated 4/16/2009 9:54:35 P.M. Central  Daylight Time,
bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
Nor have I. The term "load  sensing" almost sounds like some kind of
transformer used to check bonding?  If that is the case, then who knows.
I've never tried such a device for  powering a coil. Bonding transformers
are generally 0-12mA and adjustable  from 0-5000V. But if there are units
capable of 12kV at 35mA, then it might  be possible (assuming the current
sense is defeated).

Any more info  on the tranny?

Take care,

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