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Re: [TCML] Questions on grounding

Hi Joe,
I've been following your coil situations, and just thought I'd chime in with a
couple thoughts-
It doesn't sound like you have a safety gap on your nst, and that's something
you might want to really consider. It could save you from turning your nst into
a door stopper. :)
Re: your breakouts from all around the toroid; have you tried taping a nail or
something similar to the toroid? When I say tape, I mean sticking outwards away
from it. This would help concentrate your arcs to one spot. I think someone
already suggested smoothing out the toroid and retaping with foil tape. This
helps, but you'll still break out all around without a point attached. I
sometimes use a smooth, stainless steel sphere on mine; sometimes with a
breakout point attached, sometimes not. I guess it goes with whether I'm in the
mood for quantity or length. Keep tweaking away, and keep us up to date on your


Quoting jocatch <jocatch@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hello Bart,
> I rewound the primary so it is not up against the secondary form and now I
> can draw 16" sparks, 4" more than before.
> I moved the primary higher so it is even with the bottom of the secondary
> but didn't see an improvement. I also don't think tuning the primary more
> will help as I see about the same output if I tap at 13 as I do at 14 turns.
> Below 13 and it drops off alot.
> So the remaining variables to play with are:
> 1. the spark gap - if I increase the gap, I start getting large discharges
> somewhere around the nst. If I had some pictures of what you are describing
> it may help me visualize what you are saying. If I am to build a new gap, it
> needs to be simple to build.
> 2. the toroid size - the 4" diameter might be too small as I get breakouts
> all around the toroid when I am not drawing a spark
> 3. the toroid height - right now the toroid is about 2" above the top
> winding of the secondary, maybe I should lower it.
> Joe
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