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[TCML] Rotary Disc Material

Check out this image of my old SRSG:


The disc used UHMWPE (Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) as its base plastic. Ignoring the burned areas, what im really concerned about is the melting... I know all this looks bad, bear with with me a min.

(Side note: UHMWPE has a melting point around 144 to 152 degrees C)_ <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Celsius>_

This gap ran a 10KVA pig driven coil hence the crazyness. Those steel electrodes got so hot that they melted into the plastic. The washers that used to be there are now completely gone... vanished... MIA. lol

Anywaz, the new gap is going to use tungsten electrodes that space out farther from the disc to prevent the burning , the the new electrode material should help with the heating up problem, but as an extra measure, im looking for a new material to machine the disc out of. I've seen alot of people out there that made the disc out of what looks like a brown brittle material. What can I use that will chock it up to the heat and be an excellent insulator?

Andrew Robinson
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