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Re: [TCML] Envirotex Lite , High Torque drive


I am not sure AC-43 can get in between all the turns I guess that really
depends on the tightness of the winding, I do know that some of the coils
and transformers I have done (not necessarily Tesla coils) and that needs to
have the varnish between turns or layers, is mostly accomplished through
vacuum impregnation, as I am sure everyone here is aware of. Some of the
smaller HV transformers like those used in X-ray machines would actually
need a nitrogen push as any moisture including slight humidity could cause
issues ranging from trapped moisture to air bubbles as the unit outgases
during the baking cycles. Most of the HV and even medium voltage
transformers had layer insulation whether it was vulcanized paper (fish
paper) Nomex, crape, Mylar.etc and on humid days those will actually take on
moisture Excluding the Mylar of course, and those units would need to be
baked before any Hi-pot testing or varnish impregnation could be done.  Oil
filled transformers like the average pole pigs are a little more forgiving
against any kind of punch through faults due to the nature of the oil to
cause the insulation to swell and close the hole so in effect are some what
self healing as long as it is not an outright blown open hole but the
smaller punch through holes I have seen heal themselves many times. 


The way turn to turn break downs are normally checked in standard
transformers is through double induction (raise the frequency double the
voltage) that is a standard ANSI test for the normal transformers, however
the more I play with these tesla coils the farther from standard they



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