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[TCML] SRSG question:

Greetings from a new guy! I'm working on a 900 watt coil and recently
constructed a spark gap using a 3.5 amp, 1/6 hp general electric single
phase squirrel cage motor. I ground two flats in the rotor for salient-pole
operation, and it locks fairly well from 100v to 140 v on the variac. As
I've heard about in these lists, I tried making a phase controll circuit
with my 6 amp variac. I tapped the hotline input to the end of the winding
on the variac, then took the output from the brush contact to the motor. I
added a 250vac 20mfd capacitor in paralell between the motor and the variac
(the neutral line goes straight from the motor to the wall, with the
exception of the tap for the capacitor) I hooked it up, and i got the same
result i had when the motor was just hooked up to the variac, with the
acception that the variac now makes a mad buzzing noise when the motor is
hunting, and a low hum when the motor locks. I'm assuming I need a larger
capacitor? And I've heard about determining capacitor value from resonant
rise? Thanks!

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