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[TCML] RE: For sale: Neon sign transformer tesla coil

Here are some pictures:

Small versions (~120KB) 
Higher res (~1.3MB) 
- Owen 

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> From: 	Owen Lawrence [mailto:owen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
> Sent:	Saturday, August 08, 2009 10:30 AM
> To:	'tesla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
> Subject:	For sale: Neon sign transformer tesla coil
> Hi, folks.  
> I'd like to sell my Tesla coil, and you guys get first crack 
> at it.  I've been a lurker here for many years, and have 
> enjoyed the hobby.  However, the pressures of life have 
> caught up with me and I must simplify.  It's time to part 
> with it, since it sees only very occasional use.  I ran it on 
> Tesla's birthday, and drew healthy 9" sparks.  My record is 11".
> Some basic design specs:
> Frequency =  146 KHz
> Neon Sign Transformer 15kV/30mA
> Multiple static spark gap, with two fans.
> Structure is about 6' tall, on wheels - topload could stand 
> to be redone, but most of it is overbuilt (somewhere around 
> $800 went into it)
> I also have a second neon sign transform I was planning to 
> gang, but I'm just not finding the time.  Better to get rid 
> of these things if I'm not using them, than one of the kids 
> hurt themselves.
> Please let me know if you're interested.  I live in Orleans 
> (Ottawa), Ont., and can be reached at owen at iosphere.net, or 
> you can look me up in the phone book.  I'll accept the best 
> reasonable offer, and provide photographs once I can get some 
> new camera batteries.
> Thanks.
>   - Owen Lawrence -

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