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Re: [TCML] my medium sized tesla problem

Hi Mike,

With the setup you describe, you really risk killing your NST AND your cap. The safer arrangement for the parts is as follows:


X   G                  P

F   A                  R

M   P                  I


Maximum gap setting should not exceed 5-6 mm.

Hope this helps,

Matt D.

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ey everybody, I am having serious problems with my medium sized tesla coil.here 
s what im running; 10kv 30 ma nst, an mmc made up of 16 1.6kv .22 uf caps, for 
3.6 nf's of capacitance, primary is 11 turns of 1/4 inch copper tubing, tapped 
herever needed, my secondary is 1100 turns of 26 gauge magnet wire, with no 
aps or shorts, my toroid is home made with plastic containers covered in tin 
oil to look and perform like a professional one, my spark gap is two bolts 
ined up in a 4 inch pvc pipe, my PROBLEM is when I fire it up with the caps in 
arallel with my nst, and my spark gap in series with the nst and my primary 
oil, my spark gap DOES NOT FIRE!... the caps are good, everything is good, I 
ant figure this stup
id thing out! 
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