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Re: [TCML] secondary windings burning?

Mike -

It would be very useful if you could provide some specific information, rather than vague generalities.

1. What exactly do you mean by "glowing"? Do you mean there are spots of blue or purple corona discharge on the surface of the wire? Or is the magnet wire itself "glowing" red hot?

2. What part of the secondary winding is "glowing"? Little spots scattered all along the windings? Just at the top? Just at the bottom? Only on one or two turns? Just at isolated locations, or at spots over the entire surface?

2. When does the "glow" occur? When the wire is "glowing", is the topload generating arcs or streamers?

3. Are the "black spots" located at the same points where the "glowing" occurred? Do the "black spots" easily rub off the wire? Is the wire rough, kinked or pitted at the "black spot" locations?

4. Was your magnet wire brand new "virgin" material, straight off a spool, or was it "salvaged" material, with nicks and kinks?

Tesla coils are "technical" devices; ya gotta talk in technical terms and use precise descriptions if you want to perform any useful analysis or troubleshooting.

Herr Zapp
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hello, I just finished my coil, but my secondary windings are glowing in some small parts, when its off it leaves little black spots on the magnet wire coating, any ideas?

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