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Re: [TCML] parker globe for sale

I have placed the exact mix as it was forwarded to me from Mike Davis, granted this was for a slightly different variation than the globe shown as it is a parker Globe, but they are similar and I can bet you the iodine is the key.

/GREEN AND PINK PLASMA GLOBE                             08-07-09/

/Xenon:         8-10 Torr    (Grade 5:  99.999%)/

/Iodine 2-10ppm (Iodine vapor from crystals under neon in gas sampling tube)/

/Neon:           350 Torr    (Grade 5:  99.999%)/

/Total:           360 Torr/

/Notes: This mixture shows soft, slow-moving ghostly green plasma tendrils with pink splashes that form thick green arcs at about 20-25 kHz when globe is touched. At 30-40 kHz the globe displays twirling green tendrils with rose-pink parasol tips or splashes and forms a bluish-white solid arc when globe is touched. Intensity and hue of green color changes over frequency range of 20-40 kHz. /

/ Tiny adjustments in amount of xenon cause very large changes in final image. Xenon must be added after neon _very_ slowly with globe energized to see image resolve. If too much xenon is added and the plasma shifts to a red-blue image, it is nearly impossible to change the mixture back to show a green color. Iodine vapor level is also critical. Any contaminants left inside the globe during the filling process can cause green color to fade and plasma image colors to change to red mixed with blue. MLD/

another formula would be the red white and blue, probably more similar to the globe in question, just add iodine.

/RED WHITE AND BLUE PLASMA GLOBE                        08-07-09/

/Xenon:            5 Torr      1%    (Grade 5:  99.999%)/

/Krypton:        20 Torr      4%   (Grade 5:  99.999%)/

/Neon:           425 Torr    95%   (Grade 5:  99.999%)/

/Total:         450 Torr    100%/

/Notes: Red-orange plasma core with mixed white and blue tendrils and red-orange tips and splashes, with very active and fast-moving plasma streamers. This is a color variation on the standard 95% Neon-5% Xenon (red and blue) plasma globe mix that is in widespread use. Total pressure could be reduced to as low as 300 Torr for less motion, but higher total pressure yields very sharply-defined plasma streamers. Using less krypton and more xenon would enhance the blue regions, but total krypton plus xenon level should remain at 5% to maintain similar motion. MLD/

There is your answer, I've got a bunch of formulas and more on the way, they should be published on my website by the end of the month (and yes I have mikes permission to do this, in fact he is excited about sharing his work!) Have fun.

Scott Bogard.

Ed Phillips wrote:
What pressures are required?


Easy, two ways; Neon95% Krypton2.5% Xenon2.5%, sometimes a few ppm of iodine, or Neon 95%, Xenon 5% and about 2-10ppm iodine (collected from crystals under neon gas in a sampling tube.) The iodine ionizes and releases ultraviolet wavelength photons that bump the neon emissions up to green wavelength, the xenon is necessary for proper streamer formation.
I'll have proper formulas by Mike Davis posted for a number of mixes within a month so anybody with the correct glass and a clean vacuum line can make green or yellow or whatever plasma.

Scott Bogard.

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