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[TCML] anyone need discrete electronic components?

For those who are building solid state coils and such -

a friend of mine was a principle in a very high end audio manufacturer that just dissolved its business. I ended up with the parts - there is nothing suitable for a traditional coil, but I have a lot of discretes and transistors which could be quite handy for smaller SS coils - for example, a box of torroid cores (aprox 1.5 inch diameter), 150V shottky rectifiers, NPN and PNP transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes .... I thought I'd give you folks a chance to get what you want before I put stuff up on ebay - I figure 1/2 of going e-bay prices would be fair. so if you are interested, email me off the list - I won't be mentioning this again in this venue.

here is a partial list of stuff:
lots of bins of resistors,
5.1K 1/2 W 2% -  carbon?
10.2K 1/2w 1% (METAL FILM?)
20K 1% (as above)
75K metal film 1%?
100K 1/2W 2%
15K 1% 3/4 watt vishay metal film
Xircon 5W 360 ohm wire wound
as above, 240 ohm

330 ohm 3W 5% metal oxide

500 ohm 10mm round trimpot
as above, 50K
as above, 100 ohm
Vishay (Dale) 2 watt metal film:
150K 1%, 180K 2%, 110K 2%

LED - Unitech 300Tw4D (super white)
470pf 500V (only one so far)
1000 pf 100v
3440 1% 500V
2100 1%  904335-2
3.3 uf tantalum 50 (orange drop type but higher grade)
8 pin surface m ount to DIP adapter
sn74AHC1G12DBVR (logic gate)
MTP2P50E power transistor
some "grain of wheat" type bulbs,
.165X.370 (aprox), I believe the mfgr's part number is DW07-1 .  looks like
I have 3 boxes of 10 - dollar per box

Wiha ball nosed 9/64" allen
driver (the kind that look like a screwdriver)  $4 each

candelabra based pilot light sockets ten cents each
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