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RE: [TCML] My late, lamented Entertainment Machine in Design News magazine

> Just take out the part of the link in brackets, and the brackets, and 
> take a look: http://www.designnews.com/blog/Gadget_Freak/21290-Tesla_
> [no space 
> here]Coil_is_an_Entertainment_Machine.php?nid=2337&rid=1269593
> I find that I can't print it; can anyone else?

It's poor - or deliberate - web site design.

Do this:

1) Open in Firefox.

2) On the toolbar, select VIEW, then PAGE STYLE.  Select NO STYLE.

3) Use the mouse and select the text and picture you want to print.

4) Right-click and select COPY.

5) Open Microsoft Word.

6) On a blank page, right-click and select PASTE.

7) SAVE the document.

8) PRINT the document.


This should also work in Internet Explorer.


Ralph   W5JGV - WD2XSH/7
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