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Re: [TCML] Tesla Fest 2009

Hello DC,

The Tesla Fest is still on for this Saturday, 8/29, right?

I'm looking forward to it again this year, and I have lots of goodies for the Swap Fest, including the compact/simple 4" spark coil demo setup I showed last year.

Thanks for putting it together again this year.


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Tesla Fest 2009 & Midwest Inventor’s Faire &

Midwest Ham Radio Swap Fest

Ø      Sat., Aug. 29th     Gates open 11 AM and event runs until 11 PM

     Setup for displays & demos opens at 10 AM

Ø      Baraboo / Sauk County Fair Grounds off Hwy 33 on east side of Baraboo

          195 miles NW Chicago, then 12 miles west on Hwy 33.

Ø      Available power (max) is 120 / 220 VAC @150 Amps to run large Tesla

Ø      Indoor accommodations in the event of rain, heavy snow, hurricanes,
or blizzards!

Ø      Tesla coil demonstrations commence at 12 noon and run until 11 PM.

Ø      Large scale demos evening hours  7-11 PM

Ø      Exhibits include 800 kV Marx Impulse Generator, 1 million Volt Tesla
Transformer, 40 kVA HV

           Climbing Arc, 750 kV Van de Graaff Generator, and solid state
“singing” Tesla Transformers.

Ø      Open to all Midwest inventors to display their crafts on 10 x 10 ft.

Ø      Large group of Midwest inventors displaying their ideas including a
large roaming robot.

Ø      Large attendance by venture capitalists and entrepreneurs is

Ø      Any type of high voltage machine is welcome.  Displays includes
Wimshurst, Tesla Coils,

Ø      Marx Impulse Generators, Jacob’s Ladders, Van de Graaff Generators,
Plasma Globes &

Ø      Plasma Cylinders, Crackle Tubes, etc.

Ø      Tesla wireless power transmission demonstration.

Ø      Large Swap Fest for Amateur Radio Operators   On-site sales with
lot’sa parts, goodies, radios.

We ask any demonstrators or inventors to *contact us prior to Aug. 10th* so
that we may tape off

a special setup location for your demonstration or invention, and arrange
for appropriate power.

Email your request to  resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx   Please be specific regarding
your intentions.

posted by:  Dr. Resonance
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