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Re: [TCML] Old VDG and Tesla coil found in attic

chuck wrote:
Do you have the rest of this article? If I recall correctly, that issue of
PE had TWO TC schematics: that one of which you have the photo (and which I
built) and a smaller TC which required a TV flyback transformer and a vacuum
tube (which I also built). Don't be coy. If you have the goods, show them.

Hannawa Falls, NY
(Waiting for the next Big One)

I was just looking for a link on the web to the graphic of that Tesla-coil plan from 1964, and that's what I found. I don't have any of those plans. Also, as some pointed out, I don't read very well, since I didn't notice that Big TC was a SGTC. Ack.

Dan K.

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