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[TCML] Tesla Fest 2009 and Midwest Inventor's Faire

Tesla Fest 2009 will commence at 11 AM this Sat., at Baraboo, WI, fair
grounds.  It runs thru 11 PM.

I will be displaying two antique circa 1890 emerson AC motors designed by
Tesla.  Along, with Tesla coils, Van de Graaffs, 200 kV Cockroft-Walton
multiplier, 26 inch plasma sphere, crackle tubes, and a host of other

A robot guy is bringing in a 800 lb robot.  Probably to crush a few people,
or ???

A few experimenters inquired about pole xmfrs.  If anyone needs a pole xmfr,
please contact me off list this evening or tomorrow at the latest, and I can
haul it down to fair grounds when we load up and haul everything else on
Friday morning. I have dozens remaining.  All 14.4 kV 10 kVA.

If you have an coils or other HV apparatus to display, bring it along.  We
will fit you in.

A lot of hams will be selling sig gens, scopes, caps, variacs, and other
goodies. Bring your electronics to barter or sell.

Weather report is good for weekend,  Cool 68 F. but no rain.

Dr. Resonance
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