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Re: [TCML] Capacitor dielectric examples and Tesla coil equations

Equations 6 and 7 are not valid.  The actual Fres of the
secondary may be up to twice that predicted by Eq 7.

The two equations apply to a straight length of wire.
When the length is wound into a solenoid, coupling between
turns alters the propagation of signals along the wire and
the effective signal velocity becomes dependent on the ratio
height:diameter of the coil.

Dependence on the h/d ratio of the coil is shown in


which gives the effective velocity factor as a function
of h/d.   For example, given a h/d ratio of 5, the resonant
frequency will be about 1.7 times higher than the frequency
suggested by Eq 7.

These comments apply to the 'bare' coil, ie before a topload
is fitted.  The topload throws in further complications. The
program JavaTC takes these matters and others into account.

Paul Nicholson
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