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RE: [TCML] Sculpture with Tesla coils


> it may be advisable to create a neatly made wire mesh, grounded Faraday cage.

I thoroughly agree!

As a Tesla Coil is a sort of a crude form of radio transmitter (Tesla transmitted radio waves before Marconi), reducing what may be a large amount of RF intereference by using a Faraday cage, grounding the power supply and each of the secondary coils is strongly reccomended.  


Where it will be in a public place running for long periods of time, you might even want to run the design past the FCC so that it won't be interfering with TV and radio transmissions, laptops, wifi connections on said laptops, cell phone electronics or signals, or heavan forbid - pacemakers! 


Some art is so beautiful it can make the heart 'skip a beat', as you know, but if an electronic device is all that keeps a heart beating (as is the case with a retired engineer that I know) making sure that such devices are not affected is obviously very important! Especially where it sounds like people will be within a rather short distance of this display at the park.


It does sound like a very wonderful design and I wish you the best of luck in making this happen.  

Brian Hall 

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