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[TCML] Re: Sculpture with Tesla coils

Hi Mary,

There's a coil in the San Francisco area very similar to what you're wishing to do. Here's a pic of it:


Built and installed by Bill Wysock in 1999, it's at the Fremont Fry's store in the east bay. It fires once an hour during business hours.

Viewing this one would give you a good feel for the noise, light and overall effect of such a coil. GL

Mary Jane Mansfield wrote:

I am located in Minneapolis, MN. The grant available for this project is $5k. It is likely when I get a better grip on the overall budget that I will need to do some fund raising as well as coming up with some money of my own. A field trip does seem in order. Perhaps I could plan several stops along the way. As I get further into the planning phases I feel that this years grant deadline of Feb.13 2010 may be a bit premature for a realistic proposal. I have already begun a discussion with the owner of Franconia Sculpture Park and there is an interest there for this project. Some red flags have been raised concerning the safety and financial aspects associated with my idea that I am currently attempting to sort out.
I believe I am at the beginning of a very exciting project that is definitely worth seeing through to the end.
Best regards,
Mary Jane

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