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RE: [TCML] Re: Sculpture with Tesla coils

Hi Mary Jane,

I think it would be fun for the group to help you design the twins and
enclosure. We all have experience in different area's.

The feedback thus far is that a well grounded Faraday Cage made out of say
1" square mesh is a must as mentioned. RF noise and pacemaker safety is an
issue otherwise. The two public coils I mentioned are constructed this way.
People with experience with twins need to chime in. It is a cool project!

Jim Mora

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Thank you for your questions and suggestions.

Gregory R. Hunter - 
The installation will be outdoors. The TC's will only be activated during
special events in the evening. 
As for locating a TC of the desired performance before committing to the
I think this is a very good idea. 

Jim Mora -
The polycarbonate panels are available in thickness ranging from 6mm to
Your thoughts on a Faraday cage bring to mind another concern of mine. I am
wondering what material the frame of the house should be made of. There will
be a cement floor, therefor the house itself will not be grounded. I am
feeling pretty confident that the center grounding post will keep the arcs
from jumping to 
the frame under these circumstances. 
I am located in Minneapolis, MN. The grant available for this project is
$5k. It is likely when I get a better grip on the overall budget that I will
need to do some fund raising as well as coming up with some money of 
my own. 
A field trip does seem in order. Perhaps I could plan several stops along
the way. As I get further into the planning phases I feel that this years
grant deadline of Feb.13 2010 may be a bit premature for a realistic
proposal. I have already begun a discussion with the owner of Franconia
Sculpture Park and there is an interest there for this project. Some red
flags have been raised concerning the safety and financial aspects
associated with my idea that I am currently attempting to sort out.
I believe I am at the beginning of a very exciting project that is
definitely worth seeing through to the end.
Best regards,
Mary Jane

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