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Re: Martin Damev:Re: [TCML] Sloans high power VTTC

So how did Sloan get from 15 kV to 1000 kV using only an 18 sec sec
inductor?  The pri feed was also tapped across part of the sec.  The Q must
have been enormous.

Dr. Resonance

On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 1:55 PM, Martin Damev <mdamev@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Unfortunately Sloan's circuit described in the Phys. Rev. No. 47, 1935
> isn't well suited for VTTC purposes.
> A resonance transformer as described by Sloan works well as long as
> the ohmic load parallel to the secondary resonant circuit (Rp) is high
> compared
> to the impedance of the secondary circuit, resulting in a high Q (for
> example Q>30).
> In a VTTC the ohmic and capacitive loading of the secondary circuit by the
> spark is substantial, therefore with the spark growing the Qsec. drops and
> the
> resonant frequency drops. This fact necessitates the used of a tuned
> resonant primary
> circuit in order to obtain a useful impedance matching and energy transfer.
> Sloan's circuit has only ONE resonance circuit, the secondary helix. The
> primary circuit
> is not resonating at the same frequency.
> Several years ago i did calculations based on Sloans resonance transformer
> circuit and I
> built a test circuit using a power triode (Anode dissipation: 3.5kW). The
> results were
> absolutely disappointing. Since I followed Sloan's principle of not having
> a tuned primary circuit
> the oscillator always shifted to parasitic oscillations in the MHz-range
> instead of oscillating
> around 150 kHz. In other words: It was unstable and the efficiency low.
> Reducing harmonics
> by increasing anode conduction angle didn't really help. Performance was
> very poor (8 inch spark with
> 5 kVA apparent power at the HV-transformer input).
> IMHO it is necessary to use a tuned primary circuit with self-excited tesla
> tube coils.
> Concerning large RF power sources using vacuum tubes, the largest
> industrial RF generator I know,
> was a 1000kW-induction oven built by the Swiss company BBC (Brown Boveri)
> using three BTS150-2
> high power triodes.
> -Martin
> Martin Damev
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