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Re: [TCML] Terry Filter Question

Hi Dennis,
Welcome back! 
The values of R & C determine the frequency response of the filter and should not change for the 7.5 kV unit. You could use caps rated at 1/2 the voltage of those for the 15 kV, although it won't hurt anything to use the same ones. Since your peak voltage is now half, and the MOV string determines the voltage clipping level, you would want to use half as many per side (rounded up if it's an odd number). Since the power level of the 7.5/60 is exactly half that of the 15/60 you do not have to increase the VA ratings of any components, you could decrease them, but it is not necessary.
Hope this helps,
Matt D.

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ust getting back into coiling after a break since last winter (although I have 
ontinued to read the TCML posts).  It's good to be back & I have really missed 
he constantly nagging ozone-induced cough.  
Anyway, I decided to start by rebuilding my little 9/30 coil & got it working 
ery well.  I then came acrossed a 7500/60 NST for a good price and the new 
ransformer has now replaced the 9/30 NST.  I got the coil working, but haven't 
anted to push to it too hard until I wire in a Terry filter.  It seems 7500/60s 
ren't nearly as abundant as 9/30s.  
I had no problem finding info for buliding a Terry filter for my 15/60 coil, but 
aven't been able to find filter specs for a 7.5/60.  I think the component 
alues need to be different, particularly the MOVs.  Maybe different for other 
omponents too.  I'd appreciate it if one of you could point me in the right 
Thanks,  Dennis Hopkinton MA
PS - it's a static gap coil.
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