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Re: [TCML] Measuring Amperage in Neon Discharges.

Harvey Norris wrote:
Question; Can I simply put a common multimeter in series with a neon
tube illuminated by a 30 ma current limited NST secondary, to record
that secondaries amperage output? Do I need a special digital meter
to do this?

Doing so will expose the meter to the full voltage produced by the NST until the gas(ses) inside the tube ionize and conduct. This will likely not only destroy your meter, but may energize whatever table the meter is sittting on, providing a dangerous situation also for you.

The standard method of determining a NSTs output current is across a dead short. Connect your current meter in series from one output of the NST to the other. Because the NST is a current limited transformer, you will be measuring the "short circuit current," which is how they are rated, and in this test situation the output voltage will be low (still isolate the meter from your workstation and yourself, for safety).

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