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[TCML] Terry Filter

I have my terry filter about 50% done. While building it, I asked myself a question. Why would a person build anything but a Terry Filter capable of protecting a NST of 15,000 volts? I ordered 14 MOV's from dig-key. For 4 or 5 dollars more, I could have had 16. Now if i want enough for a 15k trany, I gotta pay shipping again.Correct me if I am wrong. If I build a Terry filter capable of protecting a 15K volt trany, I can use it to protect my 9000 volt NST without any modifications. I bring this up because, as we all know, parts get swapped from coil to coil and if I decide to built a larger coil with my 15k trany later on, I could've just moved it over without worry. Am I wrong? 
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