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Re: [TCML] Spherical topload SGTC

 Hi Liviu,

Nice vortex plume effect.  Are there signs that the plume is rotating with a tornado effect?
I remember a demonstration at a teslathon where a fellow created a rotating effect in the
plume on top of a sphere.  I forget
if he used a weak fan to help blow the sparks into this swirling motion.  The fan would
have to be very weak I guess.  I'm not sure if anyone used a fan for such a purpose or
if I have a false memory.  High break-rates may perhaps help to create this effect?  

Happy Holidays,




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Happy Hollidays to you.

I have a little Chrismas vacance so I had the time to finish another project. Is 
a spherical topload little SGTC used for spontaneously manifestation of the 
"swirling streamer effect". The idea behind is is keeping constant the settings 
of a TC system (power input, gap distance, copling,etc) and working on spark 
formation by using different size spheres not connected to the main topload 
(something like the additional sphere used at the end of the electrodes of the 
electrostatic machines to control the electric field). The project pics and the 
result movies are here:



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