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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coil Video Problems

I am trying to do video I can't do a longer exposure. Can't lock focus and no night mode either for video. Maybe that option is on more $$$ cameras but this $100 digital video camera does not have those options.  Nothing in the instruction book about that so I assume it does not have it.

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>Digital cameras work fine and many of mine have been published.  Just use a 
>longer exposure or night mode and lock the focus.  Much better options to 
>adjust white balance (set for Flash mode to get the sparks right) .
>Digital video works fine too but you may need to
>1: shoot night mode,
>2 fix the focus (auto focus will just hunt over the full range for variable 
>3 use a tripod,
>4 use some illumination of the coil. Don't use complete darkness unless you 
>have a specific goal.
>Broadcast video works fine too.
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>> I have tried several times to take video of the streamer from my TC but 
>> the sparks never show up.  I have tried different things, total darkness, 
>> slightly light, black back ground, streamers to targets, nothing works.  I 
>> can take still photos with my Nikon F camera on color film but the new 
>> electronic video camera will not show the sparks.  What is the deal with 
>> that???
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