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[TCML] fuji evk71-050

Hi All,


I spent the day disassembling a 3 phase exerciser- large test gear in a rack
that I got for free with a generator purchase awhile ago. It has quite a lot
of high quality parts and assemblies in it, and a fair amount of useable


One thing of possible interest is there is (6) of the above Fuji dual bricks
on wholesome heat sinks. Can these be of any use in SS Tesla duty? They are
rated 600v@ 75a each and were connected to fair size snubbers. Any ideas?
The part number lands on a data sheet with Google. I have way too many
projects in process but wonder if these could be of use in the future? I
would like to experiment with power SS switching which was not even around
when I studied electronics.



Jim Mora

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