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Re: [TCML] Spark gap fan smoked

Hi Dennis,

In a SGTC, the RF ground typically has high amplitude (many 100's to over 1000 volts) RF spikes. When you connect your fan motor chassis to this, you're stressing and overvolting the insulation system between the motor windings and the fan motor stator. Eventually, the insulation fails and you end up with a partial or total short circuit between the winding and the RF ground, cooking or opening the winding.

Either let the fan chassis float or, better yet, connect it to the mains earth/ground instead. Note that the NST case SHOULD remain tied to your RF ground. While this does stress the NST primary-core insulation system, it is the safer mode of operation especially if you are seeing significant TC secondary-to-ground power arcing.

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otmaskin5@xxxxxxx wrote:
Hi, happy holidays everyone.  For the first time in the 4 years since
I built my first coil (15/60), I finally seem to have it running
great without problems.  Strikes to ground targets are reaching out
into the low 50"s at a conservative 0.18" spark gap setting & variac
driving it at no more than 120v (problem with the sweeper & it won't
quite get to 120v).  So I'm fairly pleased with the performance given
I'm not pushing the coil too hard to do what it's doing.  Best of
all, I finally reached the point where I seem to have eliminated all
the other issues like racing sparks & incessant safety gap firing.
So that's the good part.

Then, yesterday I was just enjoying playing with the coil & watching
the sparks when smoke started pouring out of the segmented spark gap.
Looks like I burned up the 340 cfm 5" muffin fan for the spark
gap...which brings me to my question.  When wiring in the fan, I had
only the hot & neutral wires going back to the mains, not the 3d
prong ground.  I had the chassis of the fan grounded to the NST case
which is connected to the RF ground and a pipe driven into the ground
outside of the garage.  This is the second fan that I smoked and both
were wired in the same fashion.  I'm wondering whether I got it wrong
relative to grounding the fan to the RF ground. - I thought this was
a best practice, but maybe not.  I'd welcome any suggestions.
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