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Re: [TCML] Re:Pros and cons

With small bang sizes but very high BPS, sparks
should start behaving similar to VTTC sparks.
I can think of 3 reasons why VTTC sparks don't
successively grow:
1.Relatively low peak power
2.Too slow rate of the voltage envelope rise
3.Relatively low voltage of output sparks

All 3 causes are interrelated,and which one
prevails depends from case to case.
That's what I think.
So you are going to modify your DRSSTC for these
experiments?Excellent!But watch out not to melt
something down :-)

However,you can't alter the frequency ,which might
turn to be important for lower output voltages.



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Perhaps this is because a single VTTC spark event is equivalent to a series
of burst spark events at extremely high pulse rate and duty cycle.  Just as
we suspect that the effect on spark growth vs burst rate reaches an ultimate
limit, i think the pulse of a VTTC may very well define that limit.

I do know that with my SSTCs running long spark times (in the mS regime) the
spark does not grow much at all (in length) after about 1-2mS, the next
5-6mS just make it appear "thicker" or "bushier" but not longer.


I also did try running high pulse rates at low bang energy with my DRSSTC.
I need to expand on my pulse rate capability (currently limited to 500pps)
to see if even lower energies will grow long sparks at these rates.
Eventually the line between a sequence of short pulses, or a CW coil thats
interrupted, becomes blurred.


On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Dex Dexter <dexterlabs@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Yes,but please explain me why VTTC sparks don't successively
> extend in multiple pulses regime through a previously
> ionized channel?Ionization of the previous channel is not
> high enough or?I would say an average temperature of VTTC
> channel is even higher than that of SGTC spark.
> Dex

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