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[TCML] Advice on MMC

I have been using Javatc to help me design my coil. I am currently trying to
decide on the correct capacitance value for the tank cap but am a little
confused about all the different capacitor values mentioned.
They are:-
Primary Capacitor uF  ; I am asuming this is the actual tank cap used.
Resonant Cap Size, I think this is the capacitance value that resonates with
the transformer at 50 hz.
Power factor cap size,  To correct the PF.
Static gap LTR cap size,   Is this the same as the Tank Cap?
srsg LTR cap size.       ditto but for a Sync gap.
I was planning to use an asynchronous spark gap but from what I have read
this is not recommended for coils designed with Java TC, 
so for simplicity I will go with a multi pipe static gap. My transformer is
4x MOT.  I am building a Terry filter for it.
My question is, what is the best way to use Java TC to estimate the optimum
Tank Capacitor size. 
When I know that, I can order my caps for the MMC.
Many thanks
Andrew Buxton
Newbie Kiwi Coiler

Andrew Buxton 
03 3266740 

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