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Re: [TCML] Jacob's Ladder

Hi DC and all,

I'm tinkering with a dual MOT supply at the moment, and have a couple questions- You mentioned about the MOTs being similar or identical in design. I thought I'd read earlier here that it was ok to put the smaller of the two first in the series, feeding into the larger one. Also, re: control, I was going to put an amp meter in the line and then control it with a variac. Does this sound feasible? Is there any noticeable advantage to controlling with a power reactor vs. a variac? Thanks,


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You can use nsts just as they are for nice climbing arcs.  They have
internal current limiting.

The MOTs require a series power reactor to limit the current.  You can run
two with the secondaries in series and primaries
in parallel. I use a separate reactor on each primary leg to limit current
to 12-14 Amps.  With two in series it gives a real
powerful climbing arc.

Also, be careful.  The MOTs must be very similar or identical in design or
you will get powerful circulating currents in the
primaries which will blow your fuses or damage the MOTs.

Dr. Resonance

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