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RE: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes

So decreasing the capacitor charge time increases the break rate.  What
happens as the charging current is increased?  In other words, what is the
first component block to fail.  And, what can be done to make this component
more robust, allowing the fastest possible switching time, with a 49%
on-time duty cycle?

Bart Anderson wrote:
> . . . And in all SISG's, the cap charge time 
> will set the bps as based on the current (like 
> any coil) unless your triggering it. . . .


Miles Waldron wrote:
> . . . You control the SISG break rate by 
> varying the inrush current to charge the 
> capacitor.  Once the capacitor reaches the 
> critical voltage, the SISG discharges through 
> the primary coil. . . .

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