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RE: [TCML] Terry Filter Resistors

Yep, so true. Measurement devices have gotten much better in the last
few years. I collected weapon flight test data for the Air Force for
many years. We started with oscilligraphs, strip chart recorders, and
the assorted VCO's and discriminators (I started with tube
discriminators). We would spend hours and hours doing calibrations so we
could trust the telemetry. I never could figure what calculus was going
to do for me when I was in school. In flight test, the old Mx+b was a
never ending companion. Lord, the time we spent running calibrations.
Now the instrumentation is all digital, self calibrating, wonderful. I
bought all that fancy HP, Tek, Singer, Kron-Hite and other high priced
equipment to make accurate measurements. I always thot phase of the moon
to be one of the most important, along with SWAG. Later, James
P.S. Terry, what are we gonna do about the F3000K1's. Do you think the
Littlefuse sidac's will be satisfactory?

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Realize though...  That test equipment, and teqniques to match, have 
come a 'very' long way in just the last few years!!  All those digits 
"might' really be "very real"...  Less than 1 ppm is easy now for many 
measurement things...  I am not sure they can make those old resistors 
to that consistent tolerance...  But places like Ohmite have the test 
toys now that would leave all our jaws on the floor!!

They easily measure to the far sub Femto-farad level now...  Even the 
old toys I made did that :D


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