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Re: [TCML] Mystery Cylinders on Primary Lines

Derek wrote:

I'm not entirely sure, but they could be small weighted dampers, designed to stop the cable from resonating when there is a wind across the wires.

They are usually placed at intervals over the entire length of the cable and are only usually installed where there is a regular cross wind.

   I can't find a product picture to match those in you photo though...


Vibration dampers to kill aeolian oscillation are usually a lot bigger and heavier, too.

Are they solid? or do they have a hole in the bottom. Are they some sort of "monitoring" or "jumper connection" point? Maybe for connecting to a portable transformer or genset that would be parked under the line?

Do you only see them in connection with a disconnect switch?

David Rieben wrote:
Hi all,

Although this is certainly not directly Tesla coil related,
this was the only place that I figured that someone would
probably know the answer ;^) Can someone please tell
me what these "mystery cylinders" are that are clamped
on the primary lines in the first photo of my Flickr page?


Please read the description for the full description.
To keep the moderators happy, you may want to send
your response to me directly and off-list.  ;^)

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