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[TCML] MMC Primary Caps for Sale or to recommend

I am looking for recommendations for Primary Caps to use for an MMC style capacitor bank. Does anybody recommend specific brands or does anyone have anything they would like to sell me.

I was recommended recently by Bart that I should use 1.3 to 1.5 times the NST resonant value. so I will need 6.366nF x 1.3 = 8.3nF to 9.5nF for each 15kv/30mA transformer I have.
and I have 5 (or 6 or 7 if I use the 3 phase circuit at home).

Basically I need capacitance in multiples of 9nF @ 15kV RMS up to a total of 54nF so I can disconnect transformers for different power levels.
All my transformers are rated the same 15kV @ 30mA

Terry fritz posted this on:
14 May 2000

He tested these caps:
"0.047uF  1500V Arcotronics capacitors "RS" from Richie Burnett
2.5 amps RMS  350kHz  2.2 degrees C

0.022uF  1200V Panasonic Q-E??  from Bill Noble
2.0 amps RMS 350kHz  4.8 degrees C

0.056uF  1600V Phillips 376 KP/MMKP HQ from Finn Hammer
3.5 amps RMS  350kHz  1.5 degrees C

I also retested my Panasonic with my more refined setup of today
0.056uF  1600V Panasonic ECW-H16563JV
3.5amps RMS  350kHz  3.1 degrees C"

and found the following points:

"I would say the important MMC cap
parameters are as follows:

1.  Polypropylene is the ONLY acceptable dielectric
2.  "Self healing"
3.  1500-2000 VDC rating  The ~630VAC rating is immaterial
4.  High-energy, pulse-discharge, high-dI/dT, high-dV/dT, or good
continuous end/lead attach is a must.
5. 0.05 to 0.10uF seems to be the best range of values-all things considered.
6.  WIMA, Phillips 376, and other relatively large potted styles seem to
run a bit cooler."

The post above was quite old, but are these recommendations still valid for capacitors to use as MMC primary Caps?


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