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RE: [TCML] Where to get a Pole Chicken

Hi Carey,

Now the excess is in cat5 wiring. It is generally 4 tisted pairs of various
fairly tight twists/ft to cancel crosstalk. There is plenty of that to be
had! It is the current spec for all new phone/data runs and is #24
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category_5_cable . It is also in 25 pair but is
much more rare if you need many colors. 4 pairs are generally home runs to
the phone closet to be c5e or 6 complaint cat3 (older phone) is obsolete.
You can still find it but generally not past the telephone MPOE punch down
(minimum point of entry) The rest is all premise wiring and is almost always
network ready.

Jim Mora

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Hey Gary,

I hadn't thought about that, good info about transformers.
I am gettting back into E.E. projects and was wondering if you have ever 
scarfed up any
telephone color coded wire (24Ga) lately. Years ago we used to run by a new 
and the telephone linemen would give us all the scrap we could handle. Or we

would find
bundles of the stuff laying on the ground 36" to 72" sections with 50 or 60 
color coded & bundled. Haven't seen any since.
Sure would like to get some more, as in "the good old days".


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> There is a company an hours drive from my house that buys and resells used

> electrical equipment.  They have a large warehouse full.  If you give them

> a call they can tell you what they have.  They usually have a good supply 
> of power line pole transformers you just have to tell them what you want 
> they look at their list to is if they have one that size. I have not done 
> business with these people in about 2 years I can not remember the name of

> the company.  I have a friend that knows the name of the used electrical 
> equipment company I can contact him if you have no luck finding a used 
> transformer close to home.
> Do a web search for used electrical equipment I bet this company is not 
> the only company in the USA that sells used electrical equipment.  You 
> might find what you want for sale much closer to home.
> You can also buy a power line pole transformer from your local electric 
> company.  Do not go to the office and do not call the office.  The office 
> will tell you that they do not sell transformers.  Go to the maintenance 
> shop and talk to the head man in person.  He can sell you what you want 
> they always have several used transformers in the warehouse.  Some of the 
> stuff in the warehouse is things they no longer use but it is good stuff 
> so they push it back in the corner.  I have gotten some really good deals 
> this way. Most of the time it goes like this, I ask how much for that old 
> 10K transformer, he says, hummm................how about $50.
> Gary Weaver
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>>Hi Scot,
>>He, he, he, I like your progressive "techincal"  terms for
>>the stages of danger with high voltage transformers. I'd
>>have to agree that x-ray trannies are just about on top
>>of the list, as they not only put out enough current to
>>handily do you in but also have enough potential to really
>>"reach out and grab you" to the tune of 12" to 16"!
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>>> Hey Jason...
>>> Check with Dr. Res on this list...  he normally has a deceint stock.
>>> Be forewarned that shipping is costly these days... weight, fuel
>>> surcharges, etc...  ( I bought 2 of them from him and the shipping cost
>>> more than the 2 piggies)
>>> also, since I have not seen your name on this list for not more than 2
>>> years,  please be careful with the piggie you will have NO 2nd chance if
>>> you get bit
>>> kinda like this...
>>> 9KV/20mA nst  angry hamster
>>> 12KV/30mA nst  small dog with attitude and sharp teeth
>>> 15KV/60mA nst big dog with alot of attitude and alot of teeth
>>> MOT multi pack  mean big dog with attitude and distemper with huge fangs
>>> 12KV/120mA+ PT  rabid elephant with an estrogen imbalance and quick
>>> 14.4KV/300++mA piggie   rabid elephant with an estrogen imbalance, fast
>>> feet along with a serious hangover and in no mood to play
>>> X-Ray trannie      russian roulette with a loaded single shot 105mm
>>> this is how I rate the danger factor of hi volt trannies  ;)~
>>> Scot D
>>> Jason Prince wrote:
>>> >Hi everyone,
>>> >
>>> >                I am looking at transformers, and I know that Pole Pigs
>>> >an option.  So I've been looking around for some, but I can't seem to
>>> >any on the internet or locally.  Does anyone know where I can find one?
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >
>>> >Thanks
>>> >
>>> >Jason Prince
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