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Re: [TCML] Source for Cornell-Dubilier 942C Caps

Phil -
Cornell-Dubilier capacitors can be purchased directly from CD's distributors, but there may be a "minimum quantity" ordering requirement.
If you know the specific CD part number you want, go to the CD website (www.cde.com) and click the "Services" tab at the top of the page. Next, click "Stock Check". A listing of distributors will be displayed, along with the quantity they have in stock. Finally, call the individual distributors to find pricing, minimum order requirements, quantity discounts, shipping costs, etc.
The last few times I've purchased CD 942C series capacitors, the best pricing was from Richardson Electronics.
Right this moment, only Richardson is showing any stock of the 942C20P15K (.15uF @ 2KV), and they only show 6 parts, but check back weekly as stock status changes frequently. 
Of course, other CD 942C models (smaller capacitance values) of the 942 capacitors might be more cost-effective than the .15uF model. Design your MMC on paper first, so you know exactly what your voltage and current requirements are, then select the capacitor that best matches your needs.
Herr Zapp

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I often see posts where Dr R says that he can supply the CD942 caps. Is he
contacted through Resonance Research on the  @jvlnet.com' email address ?
is this company unrelated ?





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