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RE: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes

Gary -
You have misunderstood the circuit shown in: 
This is not a "disruptive Tesla coil" at all; it is simply an iron-core inductor with one end of the winding connected to a high-voltage AC source, and the other end connected to a large "suspended" metallic plate. The metallic plate forms one plate of an air capacitor, the other plate being the local "ground". The intent of this illustration was to show that a current can flow through the inductor (as evidenced by movement of the "rotor") by capacitive coupling between the suspended plate and "ground".
There is no "Tesla coil", there is no "high-voltage terminal".
Herr Zapp

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Subject: RE: [TCML] Spark gaps, Solid state switches and diodes
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> I think we need to air some definitions . . . , what's your definition
"disruptive" as it applies to Tesla Coils?

In order to accurately define the word "disruptive" as it applies to
coils we first have to see how Tesla himself uses the word.  Here are some
examples found in his lecture "Experiments with Alternate Currents of High
Potential and High Frequency," IEE Address, London, February 1892 (
http://www.tfcbooks.com/tesla/1892-02-03.htm ).

". . . In the experiments such as performed this evening, we operate the
coil either from a specially constructed alternator capable of giving many
thousands of reversals of current per second, or, by DISRUPTIVELY
discharging a condenser through the primary, we set up a vibration in the
secondary circuit of a frequency of many hundred thousand or millions per
second, if we so desire; and in using either of these means we enter a field
as yet unexplored. . . ."

". . . Before showing some of these curious effects I must, for the sake
completeness, give a short description of the coil and other apparatus used
in the experiments with the DISRUPTIVE DISCHARGE this evening. . . ."

My definition of the adjective "disruptive," within the context of
coil technology, relates to the transitive verb "disrupt."  The word
"disrupt" is the act of breaking down an insulating medium or
separating two conducting bodies, by means of an electrical discharge.  In
Tesla coil jargon the adjective form of the word is often found as part of
the term "disruptive discharge," as in "disruptive discharge
Tesla coil"
(see for example http://www.tfcbooks.com/images/lectures/1892-02-03/005.gif

Look at this image:
http://www.tfcbooks.com/images/lectures/1892-02-03/017.gif , for an example
of a disruptive discharge Tesla coil transformer being used to power an
electric motor.  Notice that there are no sparks breaking out from the high
voltage terminal.

> Hmm, sounds like another disciple . . . 

If you meant to say, 'it looks like this guy is researching Tesla's
telecommunications system,' then you're correct.

> . . . of the Corums. . . .

I feel honored and privileged to have Dr. James Corum as a friend and


"Radio and TV are not audiovisual aids for increasing or promoting the
former ways of experience.  They are the new languages.  Firstly, we must
learn and then we must teach these new languages in all their subtle details
and abundances." - Marshall McLuhan

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g.peterson@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>Correct, the objective is to create undamped or partially  damped 
>oscillations in the helical resonator.

     Hmm, sounds like another disciple of the  Corums... :P

>> . . . SISG-driven coils are by definition,  disruptive.
>The term "disruptive discharge Tesla coil" derives  from the
>type of circuit controller or switch, colloquially  known as the
>gap," located in the primary circuit.  The  fact is, neither 
>solid-state nor vacuum tube Tesla coils, nor those  driven by modified 
>RF alternators are disruptive discharge Tesla coils, sparks or no sparks.

    I think we need to air some definitions so  everybody's on the same
    Mr. Peterson, what's your definition of  "disruptive" as it
applies to 
    Tesla Coils?
-Phil LaBudde

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