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Re: [TCML] Hammertone coils at Palais de Tokio

bartb skrev:
Congrats on the Vtwin success Finn! It is a work of art! I couldn't make out the translation well in the texts. Are you keeping the coil? I'm curious if this was for exhibition only or if you will making it a permanent installation somewhere. It's too nice to just sit in a garage and collect dust.

Best regards,

Thanks for your kind words.
Later on, after the 70 days at Palais de Tokyo, the coil is going into another installation where it is inside a wooden hut, and the umbrella's are on sticks protruding from the top of the roof. After that, I have no info of the plans for the coil.
The coil is now the property of Roman Signer.
From now on, it is only: forward! Hopefully in alliance with one famous rock musician I bumped into at the museum during setup.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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