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[TCML] Message from the BBC

Hi folks.

We got this yesterday.  If anyone can help her that would be great.


Dear All,

I write from the BBC where we are producing a landmark new series about
the Solar System. The programme that I am involved with will be
exploring the centre of our Solar System, the Sun. 

I write as we are discussing plasma in the programme with respects to
the sun, and thought an excellent way to film this sequence would be to
see a tesla coil in action. I am keen to speak with Kevin Eldredge about
his Biggg Tesla Coil, as I want to enquire as to whether we could film
it or not? I have tried Kevin on his "kreld@xxxxxxxxx" address, but it
just bounces back. Does anyone at the Pupman.com Tesla Coil Mailing List
have Kevin's contact details? Or alternatively do you know of any other
large Tesla coils such as Kevin's that we could potentially film?

Thank you all very much in advance for your time, I look forward to
hearing from you shortly.

Kind regards,

Rebecca Harrison
BBC Vision Studios, MC5D4 Media Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London, W12 7TQ
00 44 208 00 80064 

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