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Re: [TCML] Re: Slo-Mo Videos of Tesla Coil

While faster break rates may permit easier reignition of increasingly smaller current channels, it's not clear that this will contribute much to actually increasing spark length. I suspect that increasing topload capacity and peak output voltage are considerably more important for obtaining maximum spark length. These would indeed increase maximum channel current, but I suspect that maximum spark length would otherwise be be relatively independent of break rate as long as you were significantly higher than ~100 BPS.


I would think that the hot channel cools from outside in (by radiation.. convection isn't going to have appreciable effect in milliseconds). So, as long as the center of the channel doesn't cool below the 7000K or so, then when the next bang occurs, the charge will zoom to the end (heating it up on the way).

So here's the calculation that someone could do.. given a particular hot core diameter, what's the diameter vs time curve look like.

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