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RE: [TCML] I should have taken more electrical classes/MOSFET TC

Brother, I am in the same boat. Mosfets have proven to be an expensive
waste of time. Good smoke bombs, that's what they are. 
Everybody says "yeah, you should use the power hexfets" and I'm like,
"um, no thanks!"
I have much better luck with power transistors. Give me a 250 watt
resistor and a big heatsink and I can build something that works
reliably. (and doubles as a backup heater in the winter time) 

To my ever reliable NTE29, I love thee. 
You were built for the undereducated mad scientist like me who refuses
to take the time to understand things like VCE and ICEO. 
May you live long and continue absorbing the exhorberant amounts of
current that I bestow on you forevermore.

Good luck Scott. 
If you figure it out, let me know. 

Shannon Weinhold
Klasdja Intelligent Innovations

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Greetings all,
     All right, I been doing a bit of reading and I need something
cleared up in plain English.  A MOSFET is just like a vacuum tube
triode, (minus the obvious things like a plate transformer and a
vacuum) except a triode turns off with voltage, and a MOSFET turns on
with voltage, is this correct?  A BJT turns on with current, and voltage
has little to do with it, what turns on an IGBT?  Anyway concerning the
MOSFETs and tubes, if the above assumption is correct, why are there not
designs for MOSFET based coils that are similar to the Armstrong
oscillator tube coils (for those who are looking for little arcs at very
little cost (MOSFETs are cheap, tubes are pricey and require external
circuitry.))  If I am understanding this correctly it should be
relatively easy to design such a circuit as you should essentially just
reverse the direction of the windings, and maybe hook it to the positive
rail instead of the ground?  (Well relatively simple for those who have
actually used MOSFETs without exploding them or burning them, MOSFETs
and me do not get along, I don't know why, I never did anything to them
(except blow them up, but that wasn't my fault was it?))  Anyway just
looking for answers, perhaps I am totally misunderstanding how to use
them properly, and an electronics course might have helped with that.
Thanks for your patience!

Scott Bogard.

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