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Re: [TCML] spark gaps question

No such thing as a dumb question on our List.  We all started somewhere and
were in the dark for a long time.

yes, the sparkgap should be in parallel with the transformer (thru a filter
to prevent damage to the transformer).  Other end of spark gap connects to
inside turn on primary, and the opposite end connects thru the series tank
(LC) cap and then to your other primary tap.

The effectively produces a short circuit on the xmfr's sec winding and helps
keep nasty kickbacks and transients out of the xmfr winding.  Be sure to use
a good Terry filter between the nst xmfr and
the sparkgap to even further reduce the possibility of xmfr sec winding
damage.  Neon xmfrs don't handle overpotentials very well.

Dr. Resonance

2009/2/27 Matthew Stevens <truesoutherngeek@xxxxxxxxx>

> I am trying to build a coil similar to this one from
> altair.org<http://www.altair.org>(see picture) for a science fair, and
> have a really dumb question about the
> spark gaps. Should the spark gap be wired in parallel, as it would appear
> from the diagram? That doesn't seem to make sense in my little brain, but
> then again, I haven't been doing this very long. Any help would be
> appreciated. Thanks
> The Southerngeek
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