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Re: [TCML] aluminum magnet wire

bartb wrote:
Hi Jim, yep, agree with regards to a "secondary" coil! Here is a Javatc look at a loaded 5" x 22" coil and the main parameters affected between copper and aluminum.

Secondary Coil Inputs:
5" x 22", 900T, 24Awg, 6.25" x 21" toroid:

DCR Cu        DCR Al
30.1 Ohms     48.1 Ohms

ACR Cu        ACR Al
95.7 Ohms     152.7 Ohms

Q Cu          Q Al
305           191

Sure, the unloaded Q of the secondary is 2/3 (as expected.. Al conductivity is about 2/3 that of Cu).. but since the loaded Q of a TC is around 10, clearly most of the losses are elsewhere.
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