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Re: [TCML] The Hammertone Predikter

Paul Nicholson skrev:

Ls = 50/(2*pi*F) ~= 8000/F mH

2100   125Hz  64mH
 110     1Hz   8H
 101  0.25Hz  32H
 411     1Hz   8H
4100   140Hz  57mH

Hmm, these figures might not be correct because that Pearson
web page mentions a 'patented distributed termination' technique.
Paul Nicholson
I know I committed sacrilege, back then, but it was cheap, battered and the BNC connector tatty, in short form: I took a Pearson 2100 apart a couple of years ago, to view that Patented distributed termination.

Straddling every (i forgot the no. but few) turns, is a very thin wire, probably of higher than average resistivity, and this wire forms the distributed termination.

Cheers, Finn Hammer
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