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[TCML] 94C20P15K without the F (caps forsale)

OOPS,,,,I just noticed that some of my caps don't have the -F

They are the Cornier Dublier,1 inch D by 1.75 inch Length.

Doe's the -F have anything to do w/specks or a house/whatever marking?

I really,really need a reply on this one ;)

A few years ago when we couldn't get these caps, the STK1 M89
.15K 2000V was used as a substitute,,does anyone know if Terry
ran any test on this one?? (I have around 40-50 of these that I
don't need.) My cap bank is complete.

I might add since my tape measure is on my desk that these STK's
are quite smaller,,,one and five eights diameter by one and thirteen
sixteenths long,hmmmmmmmm

I thank my Maker for you guys!


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